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F.T. Brown Co.

F.T. Brown Co.

F.T. Brown Co. Logo, Mt. Desert Island, Maine

Hardware Store, Marine Store & Mercantile

106 Main Street, Northeast Harbor
(207) 276-3329

5 Things You May Not Know – but should! – about F.T. Brown’s, our May 2017 featured business

1. Brown’s offers FREE DELIVERY within the Town of Mount Desert and to the Cranberry Isles ferry. They also offer free delivery to home-bound individuals anywhere on Mount Desert Island on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Isn’t that great?

2. Brown’s is an ACE® affiliated hardware store, so their prices are COMPETITIVE. Any marine item Brown’s doesn’t have in stock they typically can get in the store within 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS and ACE® hardware items within a week or less. Couple this with their free delivery service…and why would you shop online? You can always CALL or EMAIL Brown’s with an order, too.

3. In the past few years, Brown’s has expanded their product offerings to include more “mercantile” items in addition to their extensive hardware and marine supplies. They presently carry product lines including MOUNTAIN KHAKIS, YETI travel mugs, FARMHOUSE POTTERY, BLACK DINAH chocolates, TAG tea lights and COLONIAL candles and more.

4. Speaking of Vermont…in addition to the full range of COAST OF MAINE soils, compost and mulch, Brown’s now sells two lines of VERMONT COMPOST which is endorsed by nationally renowned Maine gardener Eliot Coleman.

Brown’s carries a full range of garden tools and supplies in their main shop (including FELCO pruners!) plus rakes, tools, buckets and stakes in their barn behind the shop. They also carry ORGANIC fertilizers like NEPTUNE’S HARVEST and DR. EARTH, HART seeds and DROLL YANKEE bird feeders.

5. You may not know…there is an entire separate building behind the main store FILLED WITH MARINE SUPPLIES where you can buy everything you might need for your boat — essentials like US Coast Guard-approved safety equipment, life jackets and cushions, cleaning
supplies, charts, and more. They even have “tubing” rafts!

Lastly, Brown’s is a FIFTH-GENERATION family-run
business. When Tom and Kelly Brown aren’t running the shop, coaching sailing, and raising their five children, they both volunteer for the Northeast Harbor Ambulance.

Let’s do everything we can to SKIP the CLICK and support this integral Main Street business so it can continue for generations to come.

Tom and Kelly Brown of F.T. Brown Co.
Folks sitting out in front of F.T. Brown Co.

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