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Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey

Lunch and Baked Goods, Eat-In or Take-Away & Catering

3 Old Firehouse Lane, Northeast Harbor
(207) 276-4003

Meet Our June Featured Business: Milk And Honey

Have you been to Milk & Honey? They are our Mount Desert 365 Featured Business for June and we’d like to tell you about why you should get there soon… and often.

It’s a cozy little space, with tables inside or out, and fabulous food for breakfast, lunch, or late afternoon treat.

They are located at 3 Old Firehouse Lane in Northeast Harbor, just behind Shaw Contemporary Jewelry and the Great Harbor Maritime Museum. They’re open every day, 8am-4pm.

The menu includes an array of sandwiches made to order, 10 am-2 pm, such as Niman Ranch Brisket with horseradish mayo and pickled vegetables or a turkey meatball sub with ricotta and provolone. They also have entrees like their own mac and cheese with house made ricotta and other savory dishes like fish cakes, sesame noodles, and falafel. Whether you’re an adventurous eater or enjoy comfort food, Milk & Honey has something for you.

Other fan-favorite menu items include their biscuits, “quichelets,” lemon donuts, and rhubarb lemonade. Coffee, fabulously oversized cookies for $1, plus muffins, scones, and sticky buns are all available anytime.

You can see more of their menu at And that’s just the café! For your own event, Milk & Honey has catering too, specializing in dinner parties, cocktail get-togethers, luncheons, and other moderately-sized events. But they can also go BIG!

Warning: You should plan ahead for your wedding or other large event, because they’ll want to provide great attention, and won’t be overbooking.

They just recently got their license to serve beer and wine at the café, and will be staying open late on Thursday nights from 5-9 pm, for Thursday Night Patio Party dinners. They keep the doors open long after the summer season, providing lunch and good cheer to the year-round community, as long as the unwinterized building will allow.

Milk & Honey has been a Bishop family adventure since 2012, with Chef-Owner Eliza Bishop in charge of all things food, and living out her dreams of working with food and bringing joy to social gatherings. “Renaissance Man-Owner” Billy Bishop is in charge of lots of other things, and children Teddy and Frances are on the scene often to provide a reason to smile while you await your sandwich. General Manager Heather Pavik is a critical ingredient to keeping the business humming, always with good humor and southern hospitality. Milk & Honey employs 12 people at the café, and many more for catering.

Stop by Milk & Honey to treat yourself to great food and company. Or go online to read more about them, or even start planning your own special event:

A family enjoying a snack outside Milk & Honey
Inside Milk & Honey
A Bakery Case inside Milk & Honey

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