Mount Desert 365 is a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to promoting long-term economic vitality of the Town of Mount Desert, Maine, through expansion of sustainable year-round residential communities and economic revitalization of commercial districts.

Heel Way Project Updates

The proposed Heel Way Subdivision is a residential project consisting of six dwelling units, developed in keeping with the Town Subdivision Ordinance and applying the Workforce Housing criteria for density. The site is presently developed with one single-family home. This project will add two two-family dwellings and one new single-family home to create six individual residences in four structures. An existing five-bay garage structure will be renovated and used for additional storage space by future residents. Learn more about this and our other housing projects here.

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We know that the need for island housing has hit a crisis point. While we do not have any homes to rent or purchase at the moment, we keep a list of interested people to contact when something does become available. Please click the button below to fill out our inquiry form and let us know what type of housing you’re in search of. We will contact you if we learn of anything that might fit your needs. PLEASE NOTE: We only offer year-round housing options at this time.

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