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Fostering a sustainable year-round community while preserving its natural environment.


Community Sustainability

Community is at the heart of all we do. Beyond the place where we live, work, and raise our families, community is the connection with neighbors, a shared appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us, and a sense of commitment towards mutual prosperity, communal health and well-being, and civic pride through engagement. We believe that a community that thrives 365 days of the year benefits all of us.

Protecting our Natural Environment

The mountains, waters, fields and woods that are an integral part of the community are precious assets that nurture us physically and spiritually. We have a responsibility to be good stewards and safeguard them for future generations.

Diversity Propels Innovation

A complex weave of people in the community creates a vibrancy that can enhance our best features – creativity, resourcefulness, and integrity. The coming together of people living among us year-round, part-time, or visiting briefly adds texture and color to the community and creates an interdependence that can’t be denied. We believe the knowledge, skills, talents and resources of each part of the community should be harnessed and lead to innovations for the benefit of all.

Inclusion is Essential

A shared vision of the community’s future, combined with focused energy, strategic collaborations, and careful use of resources will guide our decisions.

We Strive for Excellence

Building on the solid foundations of the generations before us to establish and preserve this community, we will endeavor to create opportunities to live and prosper that will stand the tests of time.


Mount Desert 365 is highlighting different businesses in Northeast Harbor as a Featured Business of the Month and promoting a buy local campaign with SKIP the CLICK.

Whether you live in town year-round or for two weeks each July, we are asking residents and visitors to think about where they shop and how they can support our Mount Desert merchants.

Our collective buying habits dramatically affect the livelihoods of the people who operate businesses here. If the same wares are available in town at comparable costs – and in some cases, with free delivery – why would anyone shop from faceless online stores?

Mount Desert 365 asks you to join our “buy local” campaign: SKIP the CLICK. It’s time to take stock of our homes, our cupboards and shelves, and determine what is available to buy – affordably – in Town. Our merchants need us — our community needs us. This is our home.

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