Skip the Click Campaign

Whether you live in the Town of Mount Desert year-round or for two weeks each summer, we ask you to think about where you shop and how you can support our merchants. Our collective buying habits dramatically affect the livelihoods of the people who choose to operate businesses, make a living and create homes here ­— many of whom also volunteer for our community by driving ambulances, fighting fires, and helping at neighborhood non-profits.

If you visit the merchants in Northeast Harbor — for instance, but not limited to — F.T. Brown, Main Street Variety or The Holmes Store, you will find the items they sell are competitively priced. Some shops provide free delivery. Our Town is at the proverbial tipping point, where the “benefits” of shopping from faceless online stores have the potential to eliminate our village center. If the same wares are available in town at comparable costs, why would you shop anywhere else? It’s time to take care of our Town.

In May 2017, Mount Desert 365 launched a “buy local” campaign: “SKIP THE CLICK.” It’s time to take stock of our homes, our cupboards and shelves, and determine what is available to buy — affordably — in Town. Fond memories cannot sustain our village. Online box stores will not swoop in and revitalize Northeast Harbor. Our merchants need us — our community needs us. This is our home.

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